Tom and His PLATZ Cats

tom.platzBack in the Groove at the premiere Eternal City Club, Alexander Platz.

Music is International when approached properly and the Roman Jazz Cats have the groove to prove it.

I love communicating globally through an established American medium.


Are You a COW?

tomhs15I wonder how many “cows” out there in cyberspace are taking the time to read this. Are you one of them? Are you a cow? I know I am.

A Citizen of the World (COW) embraces humanity with a truly global panache. Many are transplanted into different cultures, attempting to respect or assimilate local customs and rituals. Some COWS minister from their native lands, pushing global commerce, concepts, and ideas. And there are e few reading this now who, after a brief bit of introspection, just had an epiphany. “Holy cow. I’m a COW. Favoloso”!

The global village is not an idea, dream or theory. It’s real. And it’s here. The COW-Herd is expanding rapidly, driven by three fundamental tenets. They are:

One Country, the World

Fish don’t swim with visas and the eagles don’t fly with passports. Acid rain cares not where the border lies between one sovereign state and another. The Rain Forest is an oxygen tank for everyone. Ice Caps impact the world’s ocean temperatures, shores and water supply. A COW knows this. Think globally at all times and act locally to advance the concept.

One Race, Human

Think about it. Race. Says who? The only races I know of are the human race, the rat race and a few Olympics track and field events. Without the concept of race, we can’t have racism or racists. No one can claim cultural or intellectual superiority over anyone else because all are Homo Sapien. Anyone who thinks differently enhances the “SAP” in Sapiens. Basta. A COW understands how essential this premise is. And how much fun it actually is as an alternative to hate, bigotry and repression. COWS always carry with them that Martin Luther King principle, “Judge not by the color of skin but by the content of character”.

COW Diplomats don’t need Credentials

Show off what’s great about your culture. It enhances the understanding and acceptance of others. And guess what? Vice Versa. From tolerance to acceptance to a celebration, the interaction with “other” peoples while being authentically “who you are” only reaffirms this. The more we think we are different, the more we discover we are all the same. A COW is almost always more effective at blending and bonding than attaches’ saddled with procedures and protocol-strapped personnel.

COWS know that they are the keepers of the planet. The most evolved species is challenged to act like a conserving force, not a locust. There is no place for unfettered greed and power. There cannot be a canvas of “have” and “have-not”. The herd heard this message long ago. It now marches under a green banner, carrying weapons of knowledge.

So graze on my fellow COWS. Feed on ideas of inclusion and missions of humanity. Spread the global gospel, “Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men AND WOMEN”! I am honored to be part of your herd.

Moon Stuck

Luna_moonSeptember. 2014. Rome. It is the night of the Harvest Moon. This month is exceptionally juiced for creative creatures like me. Evolved types from the Pacific Rim announced it. Celestial magic unseen for nearly a millennium is spewing music for the muse-needy here in Caput Mundi. It’s true. I read it online!

Sarcastic silliness aside, I welcomed this glorious vortex of heavenly hype and prepared myself to be inspired and impregnated by the silver rays of a luscious full Luna. Yikes. This sounds like a porn movie promo. Let me try again.

I propped myself in a rocking chair and pointed my now slightly pulsing frame toward the predicted rising point of my mentor for the evening, the Moon. Mozart, da Vinci, Ellington, Robin Williams? Look out! Although I am a mere spec to your genius, I am going to be brilliant tonight. My Leaves of Grass/Unfinished Symphony/Sonnet/Good-Shtick-Stuff will flow as easy as the celestial beacon rises before me. This is where you, dear reader, vomit.

Honestly, I was pumped. The Moon was beautiful, the rays were comforting and my view this evening of the hills to the South of Bella Roma was “panorama”, save a few rooftop analog antennas that serve no purpose these days but will never be removed by the enterprising condominium membership. “Hey Nona, stop hanging your unmentionables on that thing”. Twilight, nature, and the “Light of the Silvery Moon” are mine to embrace. Even the constant blare of sirens and motorcycles that make up the normal Roman mantra seems to be having a café’. “War and Peace Sequel”, here I come.

My laptop is charged and at the ready. The empty white screen mirrors my Lunar Lamp. And then it happens.


I gaze, daydream (well, night dream), sway in my chair, calmly puff on my stogie (cigar for those not privileged to glorious moron American slang) and serve sentinel to my beacon as it creeps across the Southern Sky.

Nature. Perfect. Brilliant. Why do we, locust Homo Sapiens, continue to mess with, hassle, abuse, alter, or just plain attempt to destroy it? We have been given the skills by Nature Herself to be Her tenant, caretaker, protector, and acolyte. Yes, SHE is Nature. If it was a “HE”, He would have stopped his rotation and jettisoned us off the planet long ago, maybe even using the harvest moon as a target just for the symmetry of it.

This night I was inspired, humbled and amazed. Nature. Hug it, worship it, protect and defend it. What an amazing secular theology this is. Tomorrow I am going to plant a tree, pick up garbage, kiss a moose, or something like that to prove my faith that we, man… um, man and WOMAN-Kind can be the true protectors of our glorious habitat. I am going to embrace Nature this evening, not write about it.

Wait a minute! I think I just did.Luna_moon