Don’t Get Tense Over Tenses

There is only today and tomorrow. The past is past. So why are we hung up on the tenseness that tense brings? Before I dwell on “before”, shall we dance with “Now” and “Domani”?

Right now, in the moment, do something nice for yourself or others. A positive “Tweet”? 20 squats? Even a piece of cake can be a piece of cake. Kiss the cat. Rub the pooch. Take a stroll. Smile and say hi to nobody special and anyone you see, Mon’ Amie e Ma Cherie.

OK, that takes care of “Today”. “Tomorrow” brings a chance to visit, call, plan, execute, explore, and engage, with the understanding that your “Future”activities will be inspiring, positive, compassionate, or, at least, FUN!


The “Past” tense has one simple mantra. “What do we learn? How do we grow?”

I developed my “upside down” spoon stirring technique in Colle Oppio, over looking the Colosseum. This unconventional approach digs out the succhero and makes caffe sipping truly “sweet”. From this I grasped how one needs to alter perspective, change focus, or just try new things.

Now, here in Las Vegas, I plan and plot EduTainment programming for my herd of COW’s (Citizens of the World). Finishing this post and crafting a few proposals are the immediate tasks at hand. Tomorrow and tomorrow creeps to a horizon of goals, objectives, dreams, and an occasional nap.

Yet, I recall what I learned in my Roman recent past. And I relish the growth spurts (beyond the pasta waistline).

For me there is no need to be tense tense. A productive “Present” and an exciting “Future” appears to be on my life menu. And I “Grazie O Deo” for the Italiano Ieri that has helped me embrace La Dolce Vita while negotiating Sin City.

Buon Caffe e Cin Cin, Ya’ll.


Nasty Women at the Taco Truck

The fix is in. No way could the Drumpf lose to a woman because of women. Not the Shaw of Chauvinism, Bully Bigot, Dark Knight of Narcissism.

The Baron of Bad Hombre-ism is done, cooked, clobbered, and Liberal-Lefty-Landslided. With the aid of sane GOP public servants, compassionate conservatives, and idiot hating Independents, this consistent loser looses by/to/due to a WOMAN & WOMEN.

Ah Karma! Thou doth kick Orange Bootie Bigly!

tombring it

American will now undertake a journey to take back the congress under a BLUE flag of anti-obstruction public service. Goal? Dump the chumps that created the Drumpf and get back to work writing legislation, approving appointments, conducting hearings, and SERVING THE PUBLIC like the tag suggests. Duh!

Mary Shelley was right to have Dr. Frankenstein tormented by his creation. Yet another WOMAN who projected what happens when ego, power, and reckless rites wreck stuff. She “gots ta be” loving this latest incarnation of a creature with the bad brain, pacing aimlessly while mumbling in tongues (when he’s not practicing the gargoyle-ian art of groping).

Madame POTUS will sign the bills of the BERN and Queen LIZ III. SCOTUS will dump Citizens United, shore up the Voting Rights Act, and get out of the way when WOMEN ply their health care craft. Even the GOP will listen to it’s Republican WOMEN and return to a credo of family values, after a sincere Mea Culpa to an ungrateful nation.

Nasty Women at the Taco Truck? Voting, advocating, speaking out, running companies? Nice! Go home boys and change the diapers, cook dinner, check the homework, and clean the casa. The Nasty Women will bring home the Tacos.

What have you got to lose?tomhs15


Mom Then and

The National Organization for Women. NOW. Back in October, 1980, Rosalynn Carter stopped in my hometown and met Mom and committee. NOW was 24 then (founded in 1966). Swing State Ohio antics even then?


NOW then and NOW now? Less than 100 years after the 19th amendment, those who suffered for suffrage beam with a dream come true. Madame President.

Women will deliver this result. Women will heal the divisive wounds. Women will put misogyny back in it’s Neanderthal Man-Cave. Women will return community, public service, and civility to the American Psyche.

A woman’s place in the the house. THE WHITE HOUSE! And the SENATE. And the HOUSE.

NOW is the time. And real men will support it, be sensitive to it, or shut up and stay out of the way. We are, after all, a matriarchal species. She runs the tribe and he provides the hunted happy meals.

For 30,000 we have forgotten this formula. That was THEN. NOW is the time to get back to fundamental humanity.

Or is it fundamental huWOmanity?