10 Commandments for HRC

Hil on the Hill. Done deal. Now a few points in the Evangelical Vein.


I.     Thou shalt not mention thy opponent ever again

II.    Thou shalt not run ads other than ones using Drumpf words

III.   Thou must smile and be positive at all times

IV.   Blessed be Social Media for here is the kingdom of public service advocacy

V.    Thou shalt not demonize GOP, Wall Street, and NRA members En Masse

VI.  Thou must-eth reach out to these sane members, few tho they may be

VII. Blessed be the Bern for his is the kingdom of progress

VIII. Keep holy the dialogue with all the constituency

IX.    Honor thy POTUS and Husband, for theirs is the service of results

X.     Thou shalt not covet the greedy and powerful

Yeah thou the election is one month away, thou shalt not assume that the electorate can make-eth critical thinking decisions, for thus, that make-eth an ASS out of U and Me.

Groove on Gal! Madame President has a great ring to it.


Sunday Crossword Crisis

What’s a 6-letter word for “Huckster”? Begins with D and ends with F.


Well, I had an answer that began with T and ended in P, so that was wrong. Then I contemplated. Immigration. The names of those who made the perilous journey to “The New World”. Yes, those “yearning to breathe free”.

My Phoenician Grandfather arrived at Ellis Island and told the interviewing official, “I am Isaac, son of Shakir”. Stop. Stamp. Stay in America. You are now Isaac Shaker.

If this had anything to do with the Shaker Religion, a conservative wing of the Quakers (if that’s possible), my clan would constitute the brownest membership sect and would be banished since we clearly didn’t, and don’t, practice the non-sexual activity credo. That being the case, the Shaker Religion that only expands obviously through converts has 3 existing members left; a trio of 90 + angry and cranky women on a farm somewhere outside, ironically, Happy Valley, PA.

Nicola Cristofaro, my Nonno Italiano, had the same experience, becoming Nicholas Christopher and settling in Ohio.

So, back to the clue. What could be the native tag for a huckster that begins with D and ends with F?


Ah yes! That privileged clan that fills the cyber and air waves these days. The owners of more (and well-deserved) derogatory tags than even Adolph or Josef could ever imagine.This, thanks to their clan leader and Baron of Baffling Buffoonery ( I take personal credit for the aforementioned insult label).


Hypocrisy knows no limits with this callous cretin. So I have pledged to throw his anti-immigrant platform in his face by hailing his heritage and branding his bigotry.

Join me. We endorse the race that will place this orange face on the back page of gossip rags. Thus, we trump the DRUMPF without naming the narcissist.

America is great. It will send the DRUMPF to the dumpster of insignificance, then return to apathy until the next Fascist farce appears. A DRUMPF is always waiting in the wings.