Don’t Get Tense Over Tenses

There is only today and tomorrow. The past is past. So why are we hung up on the tenseness that tense brings? Before I dwell on “before”, shall we dance with “Now” and “Domani”?

Right now, in the moment, do something nice for yourself or others. A positive “Tweet”? 20 squats? Even a piece of cake can be a piece of cake. Kiss the cat. Rub the pooch. Take a stroll. Smile and say hi to nobody special and anyone you see, Mon’ Amie e Ma Cherie.

OK, that takes care of “Today”. “Tomorrow” brings a chance to visit, call, plan, execute, explore, and engage, with the understanding that your “Future”activities will be inspiring, positive, compassionate, or, at least, FUN!


The “Past” tense has one simple mantra. “What do we learn? How do we grow?”

I developed my “upside down” spoon stirring technique in Colle Oppio, over looking the Colosseum. This unconventional approach digs out the succhero and makes caffe sipping truly “sweet”. From this I grasped how one needs to alter perspective, change focus, or just try new things.

Now, here in Las Vegas, I plan and plot EduTainment programming for my herd of COW’s (Citizens of the World). Finishing this post and crafting a few proposals are the immediate tasks at hand. Tomorrow and tomorrow creeps to a horizon of goals, objectives, dreams, and an occasional nap.

Yet, I recall what I learned in my Roman recent past. And I relish the growth spurts (beyond the pasta waistline).

For me there is no need to be tense tense. A productive “Present” and an exciting “Future” appears to be on my life menu. And I “Grazie O Deo” for the Italiano Ieri that has helped me embrace La Dolce Vita while negotiating Sin City.

Buon Caffe e Cin Cin, Ya’ll.


Green Boulevard


So you don’t buy climate change? You can not abide science? Co2 and Oxygen as it applies to trees escapes you? Fine!

Do as the Romans do. Plant trees in the Boulevard Median. You get shade. The birds get a home. Your pet has another potty possibility.

Green about environmental politics? Turning green with anger over the hooplah? Get green with the soil and plant stuff. We have all those freeways, byways, boulevards, vacant lots, and parkways that would love to host horticulture.

Ciao from Via Monte Zebio in Prati, Roma. Are you green with envy yet?


In Vino Americano Veritas


Ya got gas? Acid reflux? Looking for that chunky burp of relief?

Have a Coke and a Smile!

This is not your typical soda-bashing broadcast. Coca Cola, like just about everything else, is good stuff in moderation.

For me, moderation is about once a month. The near nuclear ingredients really hit the spot, offering a sweet and tastey fix that mirrors cheesecake or a lucious, syrup-covered brownie.

But, monthly. Not five times a day.

This stuff cleans toilets, disintegrates acid build up on car battery terminals (old farts like me use a Coke and a Smile for this one), and introduces all types of nasty nuisances in the human nutritional system.

If you are not having a beer or some wine or a mixed drink, if you are under the legal drinking age (which is 11 and 1/2 here in Roma), if you don’t drink tap water (not drinking Roman Aqueduct water is the sign of shear stupidity)…then, make it a “Coca?” as the waiters here say.

Romans live to be 117. They are razor thin with strong bones. They eat tons of carbs and drink alchohol all day. They smoke. Plus, Romans screw around behind, on, about, and in concert with each other. Why?

Some say, “No stress“. True since nothing gets done but everyone looks good. Anxiety is limited to a double-parking location close to the Forno (bakery) to pick up bread for Nona combined with the perfect ensemble-outfit to wear as you exit your vehicle and strut confidently to the shop, ignoring the blaring car horns perpetrated by those you just blocked.

Others maintain, “Romans walk everywhere”. That is a basic fact as well. Roma is to be strolled. The locals enjoy it even more than the tourists. Double-park the car, walk to the trattoria, spend 3 hours eating, walk to the bar for a cafe’, then saunter to the gelateria for, duh, gelato.  Return to your car to find a dead battery and nearly-dead-distraught owner of the vehicle you blocked. Smile and depart.

But, I believe it is the water! The water comes down from the hills as it has for over 2 millenia. The water is not treated or stored or bottled. It flows through the city, squirts out of the “Nasoni” (little nose) drinking fountains that dot the Centre. And it has the natural minerals that water should have before some civic moron decides to alter it.

So why default to “Coca” when you have these typically complex Roman water choices?

  • Aqua Con Gas
  • Aqua Frizzante
  • Water with Bubbles
  • Aqua Senza Gas
  • Aqua Naturale
  • Water without Bubbles
  • Aqua Rubineto
  • Tap Water
  • con limone (ask for some lemon slices and spike you aqua)
  • The Hell with it. Slurp at the NASONI before you eat

So have an “Aqua” and a smile. Save the Coca Cola for the medicine cabinet, a monthly carbonated celebration (with rum,maybe?), or that special time when you need to counteract the over-indulgence of perrerincino, garlic, and onions you laced your Pizza Margarita con Bufala with.

Burp! Ahh! It’s the real thing!