Sonnets ‘17 / #3 / EduTainment Rules


“We Love to Learn” is tenant #1

“Hate Being Taught” arrives at #2

“Always Affirm” is 3rd when all is done

“They Will Achieve” is 4th and oh so true


The Student challenge: “Think”! Not what to think

Their curiosity soars in just this way

With motivation as the major link

They “Do” beyond the limits made of “Say”


“If It Ain’t Fun…”, as lessons sometimes are

“Why Do It?” is predictable of task

“Teach, Test and Teach” will travel not too far

While covering achievement in its mask


So, sing and dance and play and stream at school

The cool tool for the wise and not the fool


Sonnets ‘17 #2 USPS



Nor rain nor snow nor dark of night et. al.

Derails the USPS postal Gang

In truck, on foot and ‘een when ice does fall

They loop each day with package boomerang


A service Fed existing in the least

With rates and products easy on the buck

Keeps fees low for Fed Ex UPS Beasts

Choice breeds for us competitive good luck


If it could function free of raiding mitts

Of Congress or the Branch Executive

This healthy business plays a string of hits

For home and shop for we who U.S. live


May POTUS and VP of future day

Be chosen in the USPS way


Balloting at the Post Office from Indigenous Peoples Day (Formally Columbus Carnage Day October 12ish) through Veterans Day November 11

Voter ID, absentee ballot, mail-in, and registration provided by postal carrier door to door for the client-friends on their route

Restricted to Presidential Elections only

sonnets ’17 Preface

The year two seventeen has now begun

With hope and dreams and hate and dumb en masse

Now those who seek for love and peace and fun

Must filter out the mean and foul and crass


Today I take a page from Bill the Bard

Composing iambs for the coming year

His Sonnets out do me by far a yard

Hence humbled I proceed ignoring fear


With ten plus seven works I undertake

Observing, dreaming, sharing with you all

Mere tidbits and reflections do I make

Hashtag me, email, post or give a call


Your comments and opinions welcomed here

As I proceed with Seventeen this year13228032_10157068655605045_118883923_n