Nasty Women at the Taco Truck

The fix is in. No way could the Drumpf lose to a woman because of women. Not the Shaw of Chauvinism, Bully Bigot, Dark Knight of Narcissism.

The Baron of Bad Hombre-ism is done, cooked, clobbered, and Liberal-Lefty-Landslided. With the aid of sane GOP public servants, compassionate conservatives, and idiot hating Independents, this consistent loser looses by/to/due to a WOMAN & WOMEN.

Ah Karma! Thou doth kick Orange Bootie Bigly!

tombring it

American will now undertake a journey to take back the congress under a BLUE flag of anti-obstruction public service. Goal? Dump the chumps that created the Drumpf and get back to work writing legislation, approving appointments, conducting hearings, and SERVING THE PUBLIC like the tag suggests. Duh!

Mary Shelley was right to have Dr. Frankenstein tormented by his creation. Yet another WOMAN who projected what happens when ego, power, and reckless rites wreck stuff. She “gots ta be” loving this latest incarnation of a creature with the bad brain, pacing aimlessly while mumbling in tongues (when he’s not practicing the gargoyle-ian art of groping).

Madame POTUS will sign the bills of the BERN and Queen LIZ III. SCOTUS will dump Citizens United, shore up the Voting Rights Act, and get out of the way when WOMEN ply their health care craft. Even the GOP will listen to it’s Republican WOMEN and return to a credo of family values, after a sincere Mea Culpa to an ungrateful nation.

Nasty Women at the Taco Truck? Voting, advocating, speaking out, running companies? Nice! Go home boys and change the diapers, cook dinner, check the homework, and clean the casa. The Nasty Women will bring home the Tacos.

What have you got to lose?tomhs15



Protest / Not Punches

tombring it

I am proud that I was a Viet Nam antiwar protestor. I am honored to have been part of that magical Fall, 1970 class at Kent State University. Between calling out the Cambodia catastrophe for what it was and putting a face on “Kids Killing Kids on Campus” that became a mind tattoo at KSU, I and my colleagues in compassion suffered tear gas, insults, threats and all the usual hate mongering.Void of facts but high in volatility, these “attacks” bordered on threatening. We held our ground, held our candles, held onto the folks songs of passive protest and, in my humble opinion, won the war against the war.

But, there was a constant rumble within our movement and marches. Sometimes there were agitated and aggressive  participants in our demonstrations. In spite of our “Peace Marshall” protest policing, these usually drunk or stoned marauders were clearly there to bust up something, throw bottles, start fights or just create mayhem for the sake of mayhem. Most were tagged “Townies”, young thugs from the town out for an inebriated adventure in destruction. Some were deranged students who missed the non-violent message, preferring anarchy over peaceful protest. I can still see and hear them. No idea about Cambodia antics that make Iraq today look like a war crime sandbox. Little care about the image of the movement. And, what was most disturbing, vocal viciousness towards vets and those who still had the misfortune to be “serving” in the SouthEast Asia jungles.

We were anti-war, not anti-armed services. It never escaped us that those following orders were not the perpetrators of the policies that murdered millions while making money for the Inner circle of insane avarice. Ironic to this day is the warning IKE, yes the 5 star General President, gave about the untethered growth of the military industrial complex. The GOP today could use a vacation back to that vintage era.

I guess the point is, when I see, hear, and read about violent altercations at the Drumpf rallies, I ask myself, “Do these people vote? Are the ant-drumpf armies truly there to protest this Presidential-Punk-Wanna Bee? Or is it a chance to bust up some stuff, smack a few people who look different, and otherwise create chaos for the sake of chaos?”

We fight the good fight against fascism with facts and peaceful protest. We organize, educate, enlighten, inform, challenge, engage and gather with passion for all these tenets, and punches for no one. Anyone behaving differently needs to be denounced and, most likely, detoxed.

Smacking people inside Drumpf rallies does not make battery against Drumpf supporters outside “fair game”. It actually serves as fuel to fan the flames of hatred, bigotry, and racism that has brought us here in the first place.

Time to be nice everyone. Ignoring megalomaniacs=the quickest way to defuse them. No attention? No coverage? No new scapegoat to spew lies about? They will go back to fraud in the private sector.

Public servants who want our vote and support will make it clear that freedom of speech and assembly does not include destructive antics or aggravated assault, even in the case of something as evil-dangerous-awful and pathetic as Drumpf on a dais of divisionist delusion.

Vote. Advocate. March. Read. Do the due diligence. Stupid is as stupid does so leave the scuffles to morons who have no knowledge of or caring for our Constitutional Republic. Never embrace the hate. That plays right into the playbook of the privileged, powerful pundits of anti-societal poison.

Wanna break something? Break your bias and leave loser lemming land. Peace and Love are still groovy things.