My Heros


Judge Mitchell F. Shaker and Ohio Senator. Astronaut John Glenn


Mom Then and

The National Organization for Women. NOW. Back in October, 1980, Rosalynn Carter stopped in my hometown and met Mom and committee. NOW was 24 then (founded in 1966). Swing State Ohio antics even then?


NOW then and NOW now? Less than 100 years after the 19th amendment, those who suffered for suffrage beam with a dream come true. Madame President.

Women will deliver this result. Women will heal the divisive wounds. Women will put misogyny back in it’s Neanderthal Man-Cave. Women will return community, public service, and civility to the American Psyche.

A woman’s place in the the house. THE WHITE HOUSE! And the SENATE. And the HOUSE.

NOW is the time. And real men will support it, be sensitive to it, or shut up and stay out of the way. We are, after all, a matriarchal species. She runs the tribe and he provides the hunted happy meals.

For 30,000 we have forgotten this formula. That was THEN. NOW is the time to get back to fundamental humanity.

Or is it fundamental huWOmanity?