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Don’t Get Tense Over Tenses

There is only today and tomorrow. The past is past. So why are we hung up on the tenseness that tense brings? Before I dwell on “before”, shall we dance with “Now” and “Domani”?

Right now, in the moment, do something nice for yourself or others. A positive “Tweet”? 20 squats? Even a piece of cake can be a piece of cake. Kiss the cat. Rub the pooch. Take a stroll. Smile and say hi to nobody special and anyone you see, Mon’ Amie e Ma Cherie.

OK, that takes care of “Today”. “Tomorrow” brings a chance to visit, call, plan, execute, explore, and engage, with the understanding that your “Future”activities will be inspiring, positive, compassionate, or, at least, FUN!


The “Past” tense has one simple mantra. “What do we learn? How do we grow?”

I developed my “upside down” spoon stirring technique in Colle Oppio, over looking the Colosseum. This unconventional approach digs out the succhero and makes caffe sipping truly “sweet”. From this I grasped how one needs to alter perspective, change focus, or just try new things.

Now, here in Las Vegas, I plan and plot EduTainment programming for my herd of COW’s (Citizens of the World). Finishing this post and crafting a few proposals are the immediate tasks at hand. Tomorrow and tomorrow creeps to a horizon of goals, objectives, dreams, and an occasional nap.

Yet, I recall what I learned in my Roman recent past. And I relish the growth spurts (beyond the pasta waistline).

For me there is no need to be tense tense. A productive “Present” and an exciting “Future” appears to be on my life menu. And I “Grazie O Deo” for the Italiano Ieri that has helped me embrace La Dolce Vita while negotiating Sin City.

Buon Caffe e Cin Cin, Ya’ll.